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How to buy Potencialex libido capsules

Potencialex potency enhancer capsules are available for purchase in Italy. You can order them only on the official website. To do this, you must complete a form and indicate your data: surname, first name, telephone number. At the moment, Potencialex is sold at a reduced price (the product is 50% off) - {€ 45}.

Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Urologist Luigi Doctor Luigi
20 years
I work in Italy and often prefer to treat impotence and similar problems in the genital area with Potencialex capsules. I prescribe this particular drug for you as it has a mild effect with no toxic effects. The results of the use of the drug appear quickly: patients note an increase in erection, its stamina, an increase in the desire for sexual intercourse and the brightness of orgasm.

Capsules for a full sex life Potencialex

Reliable power upgrade with Potencialex

Many men resort to restoring an erection. Aphrodisiacs are substances that effectively normalize sexual function. It is these elements that are contained in capsules to increase the potency Potencialex. The capsules have a natural composition, their vegetable base allows you to quickly achieve results and bring maximum pleasure to your loved one.

The capsules can be purchased in Italy on the official website. Each package contains 10 capsules (500 mg of active substance).

What's in the capsules?

The herbal stimulant is enriched with a series of aphrodisiacs, which multiply the action of others, which improves the potency of both older and younger men. The capsules also contain L-arginine, an essential amino acid that has 2 functions. It stimulates blood flow to the genital area and affects the spermatogenesis process. This improves the erection and makes the orgasm unforgettable. In addition, the Potencialex capsules contain:

Component Impact
Saffron seeds Raw materials stimulate sexual desires, support erection.
Butea superba Normalizes blood circulation in the small pelvis, increasing blood flow to the genitals.
Phagody extract Increases stamina, prolongs sexual intercourse.
Red root extract Excite a man, maximize sexual desire.
Bryony's laciniosis Responsible for the synthesis of testosterone, improves libido and erection.

Therapy indications

Male libido problem

The capsules are intended for men ages 18 to 80 who are unable to achieve or maintain an erection during intercourse. The capsules do not affect concentration, reaction and the ability to drive, so they can be used in any condition.

Potencialex capsules are recommended when:

Capsules for increasing potency are contraindicated only with individual susceptibility to the contained components.

The mechanism of action of the Potencialex capsules

Potencialex is a drug that supports stable sexual activity. The action of the herbal complex is aimed at stimulating the male reproductive system and multiplying the erection. The therapeutic action mechanism is to restore:

After taking the pill, the male body receives the necessary concentration of phytonutrients, allowing him to instantly start a full sexual intercourse.

Scientific investigation

European quality mark Potencialex

The action of the capsules was analyzed by a group of German scientists. They conducted 15 large-scale studies and found that Potencialex:

The success of the pharmacological activity is due to the multicomponent plant composition. The drug is certified in the European Union and has passed all the necessary tests, proving its effectiveness even in almost desperate cases.

Rules of application

For instant results, you need to take 2 pills 15-20 minutes before intercourse. After the specified time, the man feels a strong physical and psychological excitement. If it is necessary to treat pathologies of the reproductive and genitourinary system, he should drink two capsules a day (in the morning and on a ventilator) for a month.

The product is no less effective for the prevention of prostate and urogenital dysfunction. Men who do not feel any sexual problems, but who are subject to physical, psychological or mental stress, can take 1 tablet a day. This will help prevent possible complications, such as a weakening of the erection. Italy allows you to order Potencialex at a reasonable price: {€ 45} per package.

Where can I buy Potencialex in italy?

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